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WaveTerm A&B

PPG Waveterm A

Waveterm A - 8 bit Sampling for the WAVE 2.2, 8 inch floppy disk drive, creation of Wavetables and sequencer on board, storage of patches onto disk.

PPG Waveterm B

Waveterm B - 16 bit Sampling, 5.25 inch floppy disk drives, WAVE 2.3 plays samples at 12 bit resolution (compressed), sequencer on board, storage of patchs and ability to load several samples into 2.3.

WaveTerm B Screenshots

Firstly here's a shot of Page 3 Showing a sample
(In this case the infamous bass sample T040)

PPG Waveterm B page 3.00

Next here's a shot of Page 3.01 Showing the digital manipulation
PPG Waveterm B page 3.01

Here's a shot of Page 3.02 Showing a sample but in a different format
(once again the same bass sample T040, Appologies for bad focus)

PPG Waveterm B page 3.02

Now Here's a shot of Page 5 Showing the sequencer, Its much like the old MOD players
PPG Waveterm B page 5

Internal Pictures

WavetermB, picture of the insides, viewed from above.
PPG Waveterm B guts

WavetermB, showing the boards, first stacked, then opened up.
PPG Waveterm B can you see the other board?
PPG Waveterm B spread-eagle

A picture of the PAT09 Parallel keyboard which can be used with the waveterm.
The legendary PAT09 Keyboard for the waveterm!

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