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Wave 2.V

The Baby of the family, only in age not in ability.

PPG Wave 2.0

Features 8 times multitimbral, 32 wavetables with 64 different waveforms each, 2 oscillators per voice, low-pass filter with Emphasis, 1 LFO, 3 envelopes (2 ADSR, 1 AD), Velocity and Aftertouch sensitivity, Graphical interface for envelope generators and Cutoff/Emphasis, Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters Up to 8 units can work at the same time.

As you can see from the above specification the PPG Wave has come a long way. though this is a soft-synth it sounds and acts pretty much like the original but with a few extra features. The big one here is that if you have enough processor power you can have significantly more than 8 note polyphony, one of the big limitations that people complained about. There is also a nice graphical view of the EGs shown below

Also are gone the hard to decipher options in the digital, mod and tuning panels, this makes editing and creating new sounds far simpler than the original.

All in all its a great concept, it sounds good and performs well. Though for many it will never replace the joy of the 'real thing'.

You can download demo versions, for both PC and MAC, of the plug in from Waldorf by clicking here. These are big files (>1Mb) but if you want the sound of the PPG and cant afford a second hand 2.3 or 2.2 this is the next best thing (and it's a lot cheaper!).


Hear the superb demo of the plug, it used the following;-


2 PPG Wave 2.V Plug-Ins (both set to play back 11 voices, 2 PPG Wave 2.V Plug-Ins were used to get a total of 16 MIDI Channels and 4 Stereo Outs),

1 Steinberg LM-4 Plug-In, playing the Wizoo Rock Drum Kit Eco drum set.


2 WunderVerb reverb effects, 1 Choirus2, 1 Stereo Echo, 1 Frazer Compressor, some EQs on the drum sounds.

Click Here its a big file (2.5Mb) but its worth it if you're thinking of getting one.

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