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PPG LCD replacements

Here you will see some pictures of replacements for the LCD that comes in your wave 2.2 and 2.3.
There are also details of suppliers and part numbers.

Here are Jeff's two PPGs that recently had the displays replaced (click on them for bigger image).
Look Ma, new display
Its all gone dark, Im scared

These use the display from RS components Http:// with the part number 214-3418.
You can get the Datasheet for it here its in Adobe Acrobat format, and its the display on page 18 that you're looking at.
You will need to solder two wires from the 5v supply to the display, the wire from the 5V line should goto the display pin 15 via a resistor (somewhere between 30ohms and 50ohms depending on how bright you want the backlight to be) and the 0v (or Ground) line should be connected to pin 16. In some cases it you may have to replace the LCD bolts as some seem to be shorter than others.
Below are some shots of the underside of the new display.

underside of new LCD
Lcd with cover plate

Here are some pictures from Hermann Seibs Wave which he recently replaced the display on.
Nice clear display!
Below is a comparison between the old display (top) and new display (bottom).
Wow, I can read it
Here you can see the back of the panel, without the HV cable.
nice and neat.
Hermann also added an adjustment for the backlight brightness, so you could dim it a little.
Anti Glare device. Anti Glare device from the other side.
aswell as the obvious advatnge of haveing a display you can now read, the other advantage is you loose the infamous high pitched squeel which comes from the HV line that goes to the display

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