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Here are some commonly asked questions, if you have any more please feel free to e-mail me, Paul.Maddox@Synth.Net.

(Q) What are the PPG and Waldorf wavetables like?
(A) Till Kopper has done some detailed work on the wavetables here

(Q) What is this cassette port for?
(A) This lets you save and load patchs and sequences to tape.

(Q) My PPG is not working properly, help!
(A) Try starting with our repair page, some of the common problems are not too hard to fix.

(Q) What 8" disks should I use?
(A) Double sided double density only. But most single sided double density worked after punching an extra hole into the disk.

(Q) How do Waldorf wavetable compare to PPG's originals?
(A) PPG started counting with #0 while Waldorf started at #1. The first 30 wavetables (32 on the Waldorf PPG2.V plug-in) are identical. So PPG wavetable #13 is number 14 on Waldorf synths.

(Q) Help, I can't change the wavetable on my PPG 2.3!
(A) This only works in 2.2 mode . Scroll in the Combipage to the right until you are in the last entry (low line, to the right) of the second page. There you can change the mode to 2.2 to change wavetables.

(Q) What is PPG wavetable #30 for ? I don't hear any change after loading it.
(A) Wavetable #30 just loads the upperwavetable into the memory again. It was needed after using double bank sound samples ("transient sounds").

(Q) Upperwavetable, what's this?
(A) Its A mix of some waves used in the other wavetables. This wavetable might not be so usefull for wavetable scanning (maybe...), but it does allow you to use totaldifferent kind of waves on one or both of the Osc. These wavetable is alwayspresent above the 64th wave (= #63 0 saw wave) of every wavetable. Therefor you can reach it by modulating the start wave above value 63 or by using the UW1 on the DIGITAL page.

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