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The day, which started promptly at 11:00am, was organised by John Moore and Paul Maddox. On display was almost the full range of PPG equipment, Wave 2.2 , Wave 2.3 , Waveterm B, PRK-fd, EVU and HDU. Also at this event were other wavetable based synthesisers, Waldorf were there with the 2.V plug in, Wave and Micro Wave, the Korg Wavestation was also present and an as yet unreleased design the Modulus MonoWave and the Waveterm C project. All were available for the avid PPG fan and the curious to play and hear. The owners of these synthesisers were also on hand to give demonstrations and answer questions about their machines. Clicking on the pictures will show the full sized versions.

Dream system?

This is John Moore's rather enviable setup, In the rack (top to bottom) Waveterm B, EVU, HDU and on top of the rack the HDU commander.To the right a PRK-fd and on top of this a PPG wave 2.3.

New Toys

From left to right, PPG wave 2.2, WavetermC hardware (ontop of 2.2), Monowave (with midi controller), 2.V plug in, Waldorf Wave (Shadow version).

The new boys

Korg Wavestation with Waldorf Microwave (and PPG sound set)


Three presentations were given, the first on the Waldorf Wave. The architecture and sounds capability were both discussed and demonstrated by Till Kopper from Germany, a Wave owner for many years. Next a demonstration of the Waldorf 2.V plug in for VST,  was delivered by Wolfram Franke of Waldorf. He highlighted some of the work that went into creating the 2.v and hence the sound that makes PPG synthesisers so characteristic. Finally a presentation of the Waveterm C project was presented by Paul Maddox of Worcester. This is a piece of hardware with software that is aimed at giving PPG users access to a Waveterm and its many sound manipulating features. Also followed a brief description of some of the projects that are currently underway on the wavesynth web-site. These include a polyphonic version of the MonoWave; a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive replacement for Waveterm owners who are finding 5.25" media hard to get; and a keyboard interface for the Waveterm A/B.

Love the sweatshirt

Till Kopper giving us a presentation of the Waldorf Wave

Here come the men in black

Wolfram Franke (of Waldorf) showing the features and work that went into the 2.V Plugin.
(and yes, thats a pint of Guinness in his hands)

Spot the Blue Stripes?

Paul Maddox giving a demonstration of the Waveterm C

Biggest Waveterm You'll ever see

Summing up

Despite the slightly disappointing attendance a great day was had by all, it proved that wavetable synthesisers are here to stay and are not just a passing fashion. A further event is planned for next year, we hope that this will bring more visitors and even more interesting developments.

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